Safer roads? Really?

A serious contradiction here in two related articles:

From the EVR report:

The Premier added: “For the motoring public, unlicenced vehicles on the road equate to greater risk because unlicenced vehicles have not received an annual safety inspection. Today I can report that our roads are indeed safer than they were before EVR.”

Predictably, the weekly vehicle crash report, courtesy of the Police standard verbiage:

Police said that last week there were 66 reported accidents on Bermuda’s roads with 25 resulting in injury and two people arrested on suspicion of impaired driving.

As far as I can see there’s no correlation between throwing $250,000 worth of fines and the roads being safer. Just means Government’s making a little more money, as they should, but if there’s no stats showing the cars and bikes involved in crashes fall into the category of being unlicensed, and the ‘accident’ rate on island remains at its high level, it’s disingenuous to make the statement that the roads are safer.

That said, the Police have been visible on the roads more over this month. I saw one squad car pull over a bike rider who ran a stop sign near Barnes’ Corner, there seem to be more morning blitzes, and while they should still post someone around the city’s traffic lights every now and then, I’ll applaud the police for showing a slightly more visible presence out there.

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