Creative PLP discussion

Maybe the Progressive Minds blog is back. Since July 7th, there have been ten posts (none of which sparked any discussion), which took on the following topics:

  1. a lash out at a claim that the official PLP blog doesn’t tolerate dissenting views
  2. an attack on Kim Swan, UBP head
  3. an attack on the Gazette
  4. an attack on Kim Swan
  5. an attack on Kim Swan
  6. an attack on Kim Swan
  7. an attack on Kim Swan
  8. an attack on Trevor Moniz, new deputy UBP head
  9. an attack on Bob Richards, UBP MP
  10. an attack on Charlie Swan, UBP candidate

It got to the point where one had to wonder if the name of the blog would change to the “Bash-a-UBPer Forum” or something. Finally, there came a post that had substance on either the PLP or the Youth Wing’s goals or accomplishments. It discussed positive things that were initiated by Premier Brown and or his Cabinet team. This is the kind of thing people need to hear of when browsing political items online, not smear and demeaning attacks.

Hopefully this starts a new trend and that site can return to its goal of providing constructive dialogue and progressive solutions.

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