More speed bumps, not a problem

There’s a great article on Nation News by Robert Best that discusses the habits of drivers when speed bumps are in the road, and why it may be a good idea to have them wherever there is a school pedestrian crossing.

The fact in Bermuda is that signs are ineffective in getting drivers to slow down when approaching a crossing, especially when there is a pedestrian looking to cross the street. Since the law is not enforced on such drivers, pedestrians on the street are completely at the mercy of drivers.

So, despite the obvious objections from the motoring public that would arise, Government should immediately erect raised pedestrian crossings, starting with those in school zones. People will definitely show care and concern if the state of their vehicle is at risk.

This is why the idea of constructing speed bumps does not appeal to many among us. They are more concerned about the bumps becoming a humbug, forcing them to drive slowly when they want to be speeding, and worse yet, they do not take kindly to the idea that they might damage their vehicles if they should unwittingly hit one of these bumps.

If Government will get out of election mode and trying to win votes, and instead works on bettering the island, in this case, make the streets safer, they’ll implement it as soon as possible.

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