What I’d like to see from Parliament

It’s been a long break for Parliament, but the Throne Speech is tomorrow and our elected officials will be back to debate and vote and hopefully not puff their chests and measure their dicks too much this session.

With a new U.S. President just being elected (no I’m all Baracked-out right now, go elsewhere for the praise and plaudits, heh) and the issues with the global economy affecting us, it’s critical for our elected leaders to make the correct decisions to ensure this small country maintains stability and doesn’t risk serious losses (financial, social, educational, etc.)

Some of the things I’d like to see discussed and or put into immediate progress are:

  • KEMH – so it was decided to rebuild on existing site. There’s a eastern Urgent Care Centre slated to open next year, but meanwhile this building, decades old, remains in part a decrepit facility in need of replacement.
  • Retailers are struggling on the island. Costs are high, consumers aren’t happy with the lack of choice and profits are dwindling. Look at all the “out of business” sales going on on Front St. Yes, the EEZ is there and there’s opportunities for new start-up ventures, but it seems that there’s a sizeable about of people about to lose their jobs and livelihood.
  • Housing for poor and lower middle class remains difficult. Sure, a piece-of-the-rock isn’t a birthright, but people shouldn’t have to go into huge debt to live here. More initiatives should be encouraged. Like when I suggested duty breaks for businesses that add residential components to their large office complexes. If Government can help to seriously boost the supply of housing, for both purchase and rent, it’ll help those trying to get off the ground.
  • Injuries on the road continue to pile up at a high rate. At the last sitting of Parliament the Road Safety Council’s proposals were already known, but they did F*-all about it. Will they bring it up this time? Could they actually enact policies such as cameras at traffic stops, frequent ‘accident’ points and known places where people act lawlessly on the roads? Will they propose a ban on using a mobile phone while driving? And no, EVR does not fit into this discussion.
  • Where sports is concerned, well the performance of the senior men’s cricket team next year will determine a lot when it comes to allocating future funds, but the swimming pool complex needs to be sorted out. Not shifted aside to build an ICC-approved facility at White Hill.

Things that I don’t want to hear instead:

  • Parliamentary salaries review. Good freaking you know what. Can’t get the Police pay sorted out, the teachers had to deal with mishaps and now this b.s.? Wish we could give them an employee review and demote their pay package.
  • This whole casino/lottery/internet gaming study as proposed by the Premier. It’s not the time. Even though I would support a national lottery with proceeds benefitting sports, arts and community programmes, this stuff doesn’t pack the importance of the above-mentioned items.

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