If I had a big rock

We have some seriously inconsiderate drivers on our roads. Last night I was leaving town late (had volleyball matches) and was riding the bike near the Tennis Stadium. It was pouring. As usual, that section of road gets really flooded. As I slowed down and inched along, near the centre of the road, tredging through at least two inches of water, a car approached. I’m figuring that the driver *must* see me, and slow down so as not to drench me.


This twat flies through, coating myself with nice muddy water.

If you’re reading this, inconsiderate driver, consider yourself lucky that it was late, dark and pouring too hard for me to have caught your licence plate number after that maneuvre. If I had something at hand I would have seriously considered following you and flinging a rock at your windshield, to see how you like being coated with crap.

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