I’m flattered (scam)

These are probably the oldest variety of scam, I imagine. The ones where a mysterious stranger shows interest in you and wants to get to know you better. Probably successful at trapping younger, single and lonely folks, but it’s still a scam nonetheless. Don’t fall for it.

Hello My Dear, Good day My name is Mary, i am Female (never married) i got your email address at Facebook, Also i got interested on you after going through your profile on Facebook when i was searching for a friend, i hope you wouldn’t mind? so many people misunderstand this life but to me i see it as a race which can only be won with combined efforts, i will like you to respond to me so that i will explain my purpose of contacting you and also send you my picture for you to know whom i am. i believe we can start from here. I am waiting for your response, Remember that distance or color does not matter but agape love to each other matters a lot in life, have a nice day as i wait your reply, thanks

Love may be blind, but it surely doesn’t abuse capital “I”s.

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