Cast off – Road to Recovery – Day 40

It’s been over 140 days since my injury, and it’s been 40 days since the cast came off. Crazy, when I look back at things. Right now, I have the semblance of a calf again, at least the massage therapist agrees so. Have only used a crutch for balance purposes, really. Have even occasionally walked down the stairs with only the railing for assistance.

Found a pretty nice blog of another person’s journey through Achilles recovery, it’s good to remember that others have gone through similar experiences and that we can learn something about the recovery process. I’m really enjoying looking at his exercise notes and chart, as I’m hoping to find out ways to incorporate cardio workouts, without of course risking damaging my ankles. I’ve heard that weight training shouldn’t be overlooked, so maybe it’s a matter of getting to a gym (or maybe, getting some resistance band-based workouts set up) and doing what I can.

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