We’re just putting something in place under a new category, “My december”. Nothing too special here, just something to further test the posting system of this site. Hoping to have a small number of categories, with possible new contributors. Wouldn’t that be awesome?Read More →

Nothing too exciting, I found, and some of the items that I was curious about were brought up in the speech today. Education and our young people, as it should, was a top issue in this speech. Highlighting the opportunity for kids to get a tertiary education was good, but we really need to up the bar where secondary education is concerned. Graduation rates don’t tell me much if we don’t know how these students are faring in GCSEs or SATs or equivalent. Other items in this vein include apprentice contracts and a career centre (which can be useful). Glad to see healthcare mentioned. NotRead More →

We have some seriously inconsiderate drivers on our roads. Last night I was leaving town late (had volleyball matches) and was riding the bike near the Tennis Stadium. It was pouring. As usual, that section of road gets really flooded. As I slowed down and inched along, near the centre of the road, tredging through at least two inches of water, a car approached. I’m figuring that the driver *must* see me, and slow down so as not to drench me. Nope. This twat flies through, coating myself with nice muddy water. If you’re reading this, inconsiderate driver, consider yourself lucky that it was late,Read More →

It’s been a long break for Parliament, but the Throne Speech is tomorrow and our elected officials will be back to debate and vote and hopefully not puff their chests and measure their dicks too much this session. With a new U.S. President just being elected (no I’m all Baracked-out right now, go elsewhere for the praise and plaudits, heh) and the issues with the global economy affecting us, it’s critical for our elected leaders to make the correct decisions to ensure this small country maintains stability and doesn’t risk serious losses (financial, social, educational, etc.) Some of the things I’d like to see discussedRead More →

There’s a great article on Nation News by Robert Best that discusses the habits of drivers when speed bumps are in the road, and why it may be a good idea to have them wherever there is a school pedestrian crossing. The fact in Bermuda is that signs are ineffective in getting drivers to slow down when approaching a crossing, especially when there is a pedestrian looking to cross the street. Since the law is not enforced on such drivers, pedestrians on the street are completely at the mercy of drivers. So, despite the obvious objections from the motoring public that would arise, Government shouldRead More →

Last weekend, Corporation of Hamilton made a move to remove the status of flashing amber from some of its traffic lights, and revert to the red-red/amber-green progression for sitting traffic. Not sure why (a) this was done so quickly, and (b) why more notice and information was given to the public. Heck, I couldn’t even find the archived article on either of the Big 2 news sites. It sure isn’t on cityhall.bm. What does that mean for motorists? Only that now after pedestrians have crossed, motorists (particularly the bikes) zoom through instead of waiting for the red-amber status. That’s right. Before the amber even showsRead More →

Maybe the Progressive Minds blog is back. Since July 7th, there have been ten posts (none of which sparked any discussion), which took on the following topics: a lash out at a claim that the official PLP blog doesn’t tolerate dissenting views an attack on Kim Swan, UBP head an attack on the Gazette an attack on Kim Swan an attack on Kim Swan an attack on Kim Swan an attack on Kim Swan an attack on Trevor Moniz, new deputy UBP head an attack on Bob Richards, UBP MP an attack on Charlie Swan, UBP candidate It got to the point where one hadRead More →

The bye election to take place in constituency of Southampton West-Central could really serve to deliver a message to both political parties on the impressions they’ve made with the voting public. On one hand, the UBP, in the position of defending their seat, have to counter the image that they’re becoming an irrelevant force in politics and ensure that voters still believe that they’re viable, overall. By running a current Senator and person who ran for a House seat last year it would appear that they are going with the experience and stability angle. On the other hand, the PLP has a lot to gainRead More →

They’ve gotten around to paving over South Shore Road near Paget Plaza and most of Palmetto Road (particularly near Dock Hill roundabout), so well done, W&E folks. Now you need to get to repairing Dundonald Street, namely from the Cedar Avenue intersection to the roundabout where Serpentine Road begins. That’ll do it.Read More →

Decided to browse the P-Tech website to see what was being offered in their stores before stopping by. After a glitzy Flash presentation (with sound!) that had zero actual information on products, instead just putting up product brand names without further data, I’m going to check out M&Ms instead. You’d think P-Tech was a marketing or graphic arts company or something instead of a company trying to sell products. Hmph.Read More →