ZBM has this guy named Cooper Stevenson doing reporting and anchor duties for them now. I’ll give him a break because he’s new to the job and will allow for him to get more comfortable reading from the teleprompter (when people can easily tell you’re reading the teleprompter, that’s when you need more practice). However, please cease and desist with the on-stage winking. He may be trying to channel the spirit of fellow so-obvious-it’s-creepy fellow winker (and former TV personality) Nick Jones, but it comes across as so forced and artificial. Find another signature tagline, please. Besides, didn’t winking die out as something cool sometimeRead More →

I have to say that I’d be on the side of the truckers in their beef with those who allow tractor trailers to illegally transport material that truckers are able to. The law is the law, and it served to protect the truck drivers from unfair competition. Yesterday’s protest involved several trucks in a convoy around Hamilton with signs and slogans on them. It’s another case of alleged favourtism of certain companies and individuals when it comes to jobs and money, at the expense of the common man. Why would Government grant certain companies permission to use these vehicles for purposes that the trucks canRead More →

Little rant here. Had an 8:30 appointment at a clinic for a flu shot (first ever flu shot, but whatever). Was sitting in the wating room for 50 minutes.. Not happy. Probably also because there was no “sorry for the delays, we’re stacked with patients, etc.” from anybody. Got a reschedule but sheesh.Read More →

I could’ve sworn that in the wake of Tyaisha Cox’s death a few years ago that there would be a change in the positioning of pedestrian crossings near bus stops so that the crossings would be either behind the bus stop or in a position where vehicle drivers (and the pedestians themselves) would have a better line of sight and thus reduce the chance for another tragic incident. However, they’ve repaved Palmetto Road yesterday but at the bus stop near Fat Man’s Cafe, the pedestrian crossing has been laid out in the exact same place. I remember a girl getting struck on that crossing notRead More →

Bermuda Network News has either done a soft launch or they’re just testing their new look. They’re trying to give a cleaner appearance and added functionality in the form of public and private discussion boards. Some aspects such as the Photo Gallery, cause the page to expand in an ungracious fashion, they ought to tweak that bit. Will be interesting to see how much new and unique content is published on that site. In any event, the lack of action from Bermuda Broadcasting and VSB as far as initiating an online presence is allowing for BNN, a likely beneficiary of Government advertising going forward toRead More →

Monday evening, things just cooled off, literally. Time to put something over the shirt on the bike rides home in the evening. I realize that many people look forward to the end of summer since we’re all tired of the blazing heat, but does the change have to be so drastic? Heh.Read More →

I attended my first ever Bermuda Music Festival last week and got to see the headline performances from Beyonce (who’s all-girl band completely rocked) on Thursday night and Alicia Keys (smaller woman than I’d have thought, she rocked too). Not many productions can claim to bring two music heavyweights down over one weekend, I’d wager. Also, Aaron Neville performed, first time I’ve seen him live and this fella has got a hell of a voice. Steve Harvey brought up the fact that we in Bermuda have chickens running around the place, and he’s right, I can’t think of a single country in the world thatRead More →

One of the things I was pleasantly surprised by after the election was that road works continued to take place. Our roads were in danger of falling apart; cracks and potholes were all over the place and commuting was a bit of an adventure in many places. However, Works and Engineering continued to repave several key roads over the past few months, including North Shore in Flatts, Middle Road near Paget Lights and Middle Road near Amaral’s. I’m a bit concerned that perhaps the fix won’t hold up, as after rain and wind from Tropical Kyle passed through over the weekend, a visible pothole appearedRead More →

A serious contradiction here in two related articles: From the EVR report: The Premier added: “For the motoring public, unlicenced vehicles on the road equate to greater risk because unlicenced vehicles have not received an annual safety inspection. Today I can report that our roads are indeed safer than they were before EVR.” Predictably, the weekly vehicle crash report, courtesy of the Police standard verbiage: Police said that last week there were 66 reported accidents on Bermuda’s roads with 25 resulting in injury and two people arrested on suspicion of impaired driving. As far as I can see there’s no correlation between throwing $250,000 worthRead More →

I only just realized that Bermuda and Barbados implemented free student bus service at the same time, which is interesting. Wonder if this idea was floated during one of the many meetings that our government ministers have had with their counterparts over the past year or two. I haven’t heard much in the way of feedback from bus operators or students in Bermuda, so don’t have any idea of the successes or failures, whether economically or other. Hopefully there’s a study or poll going around at this time. In Barbados, where privately-owned minibuses and vans (ZRs) operate alongside (or in competition with) public buses, theRead More →