A big reason to be dissatisfied with party politics in Bermuda (and I presume, in other countries). People, even if they’re senior members of Parliament and have lots of experience, don’t want to speak out against their party when it comes to deciding legislation. Case in point, a former Premier is against a certain bill. Staunchly. He has his reasons based on morals, which is totally fine. But he says that if such a bill is up, he won’t vote against it? The MP, who is supposed to represent a constituency of x number of voters, will abstain from a vote despite his own personalRead More →

Seriously, driver of 21335, don’t kill me. Our roundabouts aren’t too difficult to navigate. If you just freaking GIVE WAY to traffic from the right and not jump on it, you’re less likely to run me over. Sheesh. I don’t know if she mouthed a weak ‘sorry’ response at me but I was basically thinking to myself that I really don’t want to get knocked off my bike in town during the morning commute to work. Wish some of the cops on patrol would hover around the roundabouts, actually. Actually, I just wish that Bermuda’s drivers would just pay attention.Read More →

Third-laning in Bermuda, to me, refers to situations such as rush hour on East Broadway or the Paget traffic lights where traffic is pretty much at a standstill and bike riders overtake several cars at a time while traffic in the other lane may or may not be flowing. However, after seeing the rider of O067 (it’s a rental bike) fly down the center stripe while traffic was free-flowing in both directions, I’m going to have to dismiss the earlier definition. It’s amazing that he went through without getting clipped by a car or truck…Read More →

I am a little curious to know what else the UBP machine would have had lined up on their “light touch of humour” pre-election Flash animations, titled “Fishing for a Better Bermuda“. Surely, others must have been produced and slated to go live, before the first one was panned mercilessly by people on all sides and forcing the project to get shut down entirely. Sorry for going back to 2007 times, but heck. Come on UBP, give us something to smile about. Just for the fun of it.Read More →

Today I got this SMS message on my mobile phone: “Text the letters VIP to 5307 to enter the draw to win tickets to the Bermuda Music Festival. All text entries cost $1. Tickets given away weekly! Digicel” Well the bright side is that at least I didn’t get a phone call from them. However I think I want to check my Terms of Agreement with them to see if I’m liable to receive regular spam from the company that’s not a service notification. At least I haven’t received a Netherlands Mobile Promo scam recently. I’m not fond of raffles in the first place, soRead More →

Wonder if someone at TCD is getting paid off… Now there’s a stylish luxury Lexus RX 350 roaming the streets, licenced in Bermuda as an *Intermediate-size truck*…The car sizes up at approximately 15 1/2 feet long, 6 1/2 feet wide.The length puts it well beyond the maximum length of a Class G private car, however the licence fees for an intermediate truck are less than a private car of such length. Then again, the Sunday licence fees for a truck may make it all square… And it only seats 5 people, same amount as any other car on the island, heh. Guess it’s only aRead More →

There’s a pair of sneakers hanging over the power lines on North Shore Road near Store Hill. Been there for quite a while, actually. I don’t know what the safety hazards are for this (like, could a large truck catch the sneakers and yank the line down, for example?), I suppose Belco will deal with it eventually. Why would somebody tie up a pair of sneakers and hoist them over the power lines, though? Apparently another thing we’ve copied from our American friends, I searched online for possibilities. They range from the clowning-around variety: bullies take them off defenceless kids, then sling them up outRead More →

They’ve taken a lot of heat, some of it misdirected (seems like Cablevision was passing the buck, for once), but it would appear that Bermuda Broadcasting has been trying hard to deliver a comprehensive Olympics package in recent days. They’ve delivered coverage from NBC, CMC and CBC (Canada) over the past few days, which ought to get us better overall coverage than any other country singularly. Unfortunately today highlighted another misstep from the company’s button-pushers. This morning we were shown CMC coverage, which predictably showed track and field. The coverage was live, which was great, however the commentary slanted too much towards the 100m andRead More →

Grrrr, to whoever’s set up the sprinklers at the renovated Port Royal golf course. I managed to get sprayed on the far side of the road yesterday morning. Now I have to look up whatever they put in the water for golf courses to make sure I’m not exposed to nasty pesticides.Read More →