As first reported on the PLP party site, the ruling political party is going to try to keep a united front and retain the current party hierarchy. I don’t think that this result should particularly surprise anyone, despite the events of recent days where MPs (including ones with Ministerial control) publicly spoke out against their Premier over a myriad of issues. I suppose that the party is going to try to back up their statement with a number of declarations aimed at promoting an outward appearance of unity. With the opposition UBP still unable to declare the way forward for them and losing members everyRead More →

By the way, for a ‘premium hotel’, Elbow Beach sucked mightily when it came to providing decent-quality rooms for our wedding party and guests. Or perhaps that’s what you get when you pay the local rate. Just our experience, anyway. Won’t be staying there ever again. So I crawl through the blogosphere and see this very serious headline from the official PLP Blog, titled “Gibbons calls Bermudians “Very Xenophobic”“. That’s a serious charge to levy against a senior MP, so I go to the blog entry and read through it. Now, there’s no actual quote taken from the statement besides the two words “very xenophobic”,Read More →

After the resignation of a senior MP from his political party, and in the aftermath of the bye-election that saw 2% support for an independent candidate, I came up with an interesting “what if” scenario: Wayne Furbert, feeling that staying as an independent will be a futile effort, decides to launch a new political party.Phil Perenchief, with serious bones to pick with his own party, is immediately recruited. Now you have two very well-known public figures with lots of experience, trying to be a catalyst of change, uniting in a way that neither the PLP nor the UBP has been able to achieve. Khalid WasiRead More →

The bye election to take place in constituency of Southampton West-Central could really serve to deliver a message to both political parties on the impressions they’ve made with the voting public. On one hand, the UBP, in the position of defending their seat, have to counter the image that they’re becoming an irrelevant force in politics and ensure that voters still believe that they’re viable, overall. By running a current Senator and person who ran for a House seat last year it would appear that they are going with the experience and stability angle. On the other hand, the PLP has a lot to gainRead More →

A big reason to be dissatisfied with party politics in Bermuda (and I presume, in other countries). People, even if they’re senior members of Parliament and have lots of experience, don’t want to speak out against their party when it comes to deciding legislation. Case in point, a former Premier is against a certain bill. Staunchly. He has his reasons based on morals, which is totally fine. But he says that if such a bill is up, he won’t vote against it? The MP, who is supposed to represent a constituency of x number of voters, will abstain from a vote despite his own personalRead More →

I’m pretty disappointed. In a country where the political parties are using the Web to broadcast their messages to the public, nobody wants to participate in a simple TV debate about the issues at hand. How sad is that? People don’t want to debate the issues? This probably show that indeed, the political parties are more focused on scaremongering, convincing us that the real issue is that the opposing party is going to take the island down a path of ruination rather than discussing topics and gaining political leverage. Dr. Brown’s response is that it would only be entertaining but no political value. WTF? SoRead More →

As many locals know, the news media, namely the Gazette and the Mid-Ocean News, have been under attack from the Progressive Labour Party and accused of being biased against that political group. With that in mind, shouldn’t the party be calling for a boycott of that newspaper? Also, why are they still referencing articles from the Gazette? If the party believes that the Gazette is biased against them then they should not be quoting articles by them on their website. They can easily use the Bermuda Sun. They also can utilize Bermuda Network News which is at the least, affiliated with one of their politicalRead More →

In the local blogosphere, which admittedly is dominated by white males (through nobody’s fault, just the way it’s been), the political talk as relates to the General Election deals a lot with corruption allegations and BHC scandals. However, these issues, huge as they may be, perhaps are overblown when it comes to how relevant it is to the black population overall. I was speaking with friends recently and the impression I get is that many black folks are tired of hearing about BHC and court costs and cedar beams. To them, it doesn’t matter. It could be a matter of apathy or that they’re reallyRead More →